Shyness and Social Anxiety

shyness and social anxiety
All of us feel shy or anxious in social situations now and again. Some experience social anxiety in their youth, and for some it continuous through life affecting their life-style, career choices, and social life. People that suffer from social phobias tend to avoid feared...
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Does Monogamy Work?

does monogamy work
For us humans, social, marital and sexual monogamy usually goes together, but not always in other species. 3% of mammalian species and up to 15% of primate species are socially monogamous including beavers, wolfs and foxes. In birds population even 90% of species are socially monogamous...
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Is Monogamy Natural?

monogamous relationship
Where does humanity stand in regard to monogamy? Are we cut out for it as a species? According to the Ethnographic Atlas Codebook, out of 1,231 societies noted, 186 were monogamous. This means that monogamy is not the predominant mating system among the hominid lineage....
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Does Lasting Love Exist?

lasting love
Can romantic love last or, by its very nature, does it have an expiration date? Some research has suggested that love inevitably fades after about 15 months while others give it around three years. Seemingly the consensus is that love resembles a brief fever that...
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How We Feel Love And Why We Love ?

pair boding - love
It is widely believed by evolutionists that monogamy suppresses reproductive behavior. However, scientists acknowledge that reproductive behavior is not fully understood yet, and especially when it comes to romance which seems to play an important role in it. ” We have only a very little...
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Is Monogamy A Myth?

monogamy does work
Whilst monogamy is not the most predominant mating system between humans it is far from being outdated. There is no consensus between scientists whether monogamy has been intended by nature or imposed by humans, nevertheless it works for majority of monogamous couples. Despite of sparse...
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