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Online Dating Statistics

10 Facts About Online Dating That You Don’t Know

  1. There are 40 million of people in the U.A. who have tried online dating and 17% percent of those who met online ended up marrying their soul mate and 20 % are in committed relationships.
  2. There are 54 million of single people in the U.S. and 52% admitted they were too busy to meeting other singles.
  3. The ratio of male online dating users to female online dating users is 52.4% : 47.6%.
  4. Most attractive type of a women on dating sites – a ‘modern career girl’ closely followed by a ‘girl
  5. next door’.
  6. Most popular type of a man – a ‘good boy’ closely followed by a blend of a ‘good and a bad boy’.
  7. Men on dating sites lie most about their age, height and income.
  8. Women on dating sites lie most about their age, weight and physical build.
  9. People who met on dating site admitted that personality is more important to them than looks on a first date.
  10. Most people would like to be complimented about their generosity, intelligence and a sense of humor; the least they would like to hear flattery about their style, weight loss and hairstyle.

Source: Reuters, Herald News, PC World, Washington Post . Date: 6.20.2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Online Dating

  1. online dating

    If you are still not convinced have a look at the poll published Keen.com . From those who voted people that met their soul mate online outnumbered the rest by over 30%. This must give some motivation.

    There are 54 million of single people in the U.S. and 52% admitted they were too busy to meeting other singles – online dating requires much less time so it can be easier accommodated into your busy lifestyle.

  2. Internet dating sites boost potential of meeting a romantic partner in that they offer a possibility of getting to know someone who can be close to your heart while living too far away to run into.
  3. It takes time to know someone and personality profiles on online dating sites saves you time – if a photo catches your eye you can quickly decide whether you want to interact with a person or not after you read their profile. Furthermore, certain online dating sites employ the unique matching system that does a search of matches for you based on your personality characteristics and interests. Moreover, some of those online dating sites include such a factor as interpersonal chemistry.
  4. Online dating sites make communication for shy people easier – people on line are easier to approach and some online dating sites offer ‘ice breakers’ to overcome initial awkwardness.
  5. These days nearly everyone can think of a couple they know that entered a committed relationship or even marriage with someone they met online, and that proves that there are people out there looking for a genuine long term relationship and dating sites simply help them to succeed.

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