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Does Lasting Love Exist?

lasting love
Can romantic love last or, by its very nature, does it have an expiration date? Some research has suggested that love inevitably fades after about 15 months while others give it around three years. Seemingly the consensus is that love resembles a brief fever that...
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Does Monogamy Work?

does monogamy work
For us humans, social, marital and sexual monogamy usually goes together, but not always in other species. 3% of mammalian species and up to 15% of primate species are socially monogamous including beavers, wolfs and foxes. In birds population even 90% of species are socially monogamous...
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Marriage Decline and Single Parent Families

single mother
The shortcomings of single parent families are indisputable. A number of social problems, including children criminal behavior, drug abuse and poor school performance are strongly associated with poverty of single mothers. Regrettably, the number of families headed by a single parent is on a rise...
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Marriage Can Help to Combat Poverty

Beside the pensions crises there is another little propagated factor that has an effect on the economy much more than one could anticipate. While scientists are arguing over the factors that might have caused the development of monogamous societies, a number of reliable studies and...
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