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Is Monogamy A Myth?

Whilst monogamy is not the most predominant mating system between humans it is far from being outdated. There is no consensus between scientists whether monogamy has been intended by nature or imposed by humans, nevertheless it works for majority of monogamous couples.

Despite of sparse scientific studies to date it is sufficiently evident that monogamy can and does work  in our society– whether it is intended by Nature, God or Humanity.

Despite the fact that human reproduction behavior is not yet fully understood it is evident that emotional pair bonding –love– plays and important role, and it is not impossible that monogamy is as natural for humans as it is for some other species.

It has been proved by scientists that desire and passion are much more enduring than we had supposed, therefore we can and we should nurture those feelings and in particular if we are seeking happiness in monogamy.

monogamy works“Call it love, call it friendship, call it marriage, there is something in our biology that leads to this enduring, emotional bond between two individuals that is widespread among human societies.” says Ferdandez-Dugue.