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Find Your Soul Mate

Be mentally ready to meet your soul mate

“A soul mate is someone you feel you have been looking for him [her] for a long time…it is someone you feel that completes you in the way you think, act and feel.”

find your soul mateIf we haven’t met that person in this lifetime, we can feel hollow and empty. Meeting a soul mate is greatly associated with a role of destiny.Destiny can mean many things: it is all that happens to us with or, seemingly, without our intervention. From this point of view everything what we do and do not do is equally important. However it is not all about our actions – we have to be ready mentally to accept the gifts of destiny. It means that we not only have to be in a certain place at a certain moment, we also have to be in a right state of mind to appreciate the person or any goodness that is about to enter our life. It is crucially important to let go previous disappointments and get rid of a feeling that we are bad at relationships. There is an array of books written on the subject, a vast number of coaching programs developed to help those that are stuck in a bad situation. Following certain proven principles and techniques we can learn how to ‘get unstuck’ , change a destructive pattern of our behavior and, moreover, we can learn how to attract anything we want, including love. We are doing it subconsciously all the time so it is better to learn to attract goodness into our lives than bad fortune.

Find your soul mate by taking action

  “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” – William Jennings Bryan

Once you are set to meet a soul mate in your mind you actually have to get out there and create opportunities for it to happen in real life. That means being out and about, going to social gatherings, attending events, etc. That is where confidence comes into play. There are people who have no problems of approaching a person they laid their eyes on but also there are those who lack self confidence or even suffer from severe social anxiety. For a more shy individual meeting people face-to-face can be quite a challenge. Online dating could be a suitable  alternative. Online dating these days is an urban fashion rather than a stigma that it used to be. Online dating sites is also an alternative for those who can not dedicate time for the search of a potential partner and therefore are doomed to grace of destiny. The reason why a lot of people are still sceptical about online dating is that they find the dating sites focused more on casual encounters rather than dating or long term relationships. As it may sound true for many online dating sites out there, there are also credible online dating sites like eHarmony or Chemistry. Thanks to their unique matching systems they offer superior dating experience: you will be matched with like-minded singles based on key dimensions of compatibility such as humor, intelligence, passion. As this service is typically not free of charge these dating sites attract mostly people who are serious about finding a long term relationship, therefore they offer a real possibility of finding your true soul mate.

     “…if you refuse to accept anything but the best – the best is very often what you get. “