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Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction And Physical Chemistry

With divorce statistics ever growing most of us feel lost while seeking a lasting relationship. Although majority believe in a soul mate a lot of people see a monogamous relationship as a hard work. It shouldn’t be that complicated though. As long as we choose a right person to be with, our relationship has all the potential to flourish. Broken magnets theory offers some valuable guidance in this matter. According to broken magnets idea by Tim Flynn the male is like a positive poled magnet and the female is a negative poled one.Just like genuine magnets of different poles attract each other men are attracted to women and women to men. Women have a strong innate need to be loved, whereas men have a natural urge to love. It is the complimentary attraction of two opposites that makes physical chemistry. The mistake people make in choosing a partner these days is that this natural attraction is often undervalued. Today we tend to rely mainly on intellectual chemistry taking into account personality traits, values and interests. As important as it is intellectual chemistry is not superior to physical attraction and both are vital factors in creating a healthy romantic relationship.

 Broken Magnets and Failed Relationships

laws of attractionBroken magnets idea suggests men and women that do not posses well developed physical and mental qualities, which are considered to make them attractive, are broken magnets.
For men most distinguished physical qualities are strength and endurance with autonomy and resourcefulness being the most important mental ones. Emotional or/and financial attachment to their parents or a romantic partner makes men childish and weakens their ability to form healthy romantic relationships. As well as that such dependence causes sexual dysfunction to some degree. Unless you are a broken magnet yourself a relationship with a such man will only cause you a lot of frustration. A physically weak and psychologically dependent man is like a broken magnet that can not fulfill woman’s natural desire to be loved.

In regard to healthy women – their most distinguishing physical quality is attractiveness or physical beauty. Their most important mental qualities are be intelligence and accommodation. Although these days women are expected to be financially independent, studies suggest that men always choose a more attractive female over a more financially successful but less attractive (as sad as it is). Unless they are a broken magnet and can not support themselves. According to Flynn the only genuine man’s answer to a question by a woman ‘will you like me if I gain wait?’ is ‘Yes, if it will make you more attractive’. It sounds harsh but the truth is that in a healthy relationship it is no one’s job to make us feel more attractive or nurture our ego. Nor a healthy woman would expect that. Similarly a healthy man should not need a woman to boost his confidence. Otherwise he or she may become emotionally dependent and end up in an unhealthy relationship. It is our own responsibility and prerogative to make ourselves a better, more matured and attractive person.

The idea of the broken magnets can be a bit difficult to accept since it might be seen as a traditional viewpoint of the male being a pursuer and the female – a flower waiting to be picked. Feminism has overridden this concept. Nevertheless, if we think about it we could probably notice this pattern in real life. It is up to us then if we take a notion of it and see if it could be helpful in our relationships.

 How It Works in Real Life Or Practical Relationship Advice

• If a woman shows repulsion to you it means she really does not like you so stop pursuing her and move on.

• If a woman likes you but does not admit it, she is a broken magnet and it is not your responsibility, so just move on.

• If you like someone but receive mixed signals from them it means they do not like you or are a broken magnet so better move on.

• If you have to resort to playing games, impressing and manipulate behavior to keep him interested, he is a broken magnet and is not capable of giving you enough love to make you feel happy, so steer clear.

• If a guy can not support himself and is financially or/and psychologically dependent on his parents, he is a broken magnet and you are wasting your time.

• If you can not be on your own you are a broken magnet prone to emotional dependency, better invest your time in becoming a more confident and independent person.

• If you think you attract wrong type of men/women it is likely that you are a broken magnet and need to invest your time in self development.

• If you are in a relationship with a broken magnet take a notion that you can not change your partner, only he/she can make a decision to change themselves.

• If you have changed for the better and your loved one can not accommodate that change they may not be your soul mate determined to support you and grow together.